Pico de Loro, Anvaya and Punta Fuego Guest Fee Comparison

Summer is just around the block and we are receiving plenty of inquiries, one of the most commonly asked question is “How much is the Guest Fee?” and “What is a guest fee?” So for our first blog, here are some information about Guest Fees.

Pico de Loro, Anvaya Cove and Punta Fuego are membership beach resorts. Back then, you wouldn’t be able to get in these resorts unless you’re a member or without a member accompanying you. Nowadays, you can now rent units through MyPropertyGuyPh or other unit owners then we provide an Authorization/Endorsement form. Once you go to the resort you show your endorsement and pay the guest fee upon registration.

The Guest Fee is sometimes also called an access fee, this is a fee paid to grant you access to the facilities in the resort, such as swimming pool, bowling and billiards, basketball courts, restaurants etc. Different clubs charge different guest fees, which may also depend on season. Here are some information about the guest fees in Pico de Loro, Anvaya Cove and Punta Fuego.


Pico de Loro’s Guest Fee is dependent on the season, they have 3 different rates throughout the year. 1.) Lean seasons are all weekdays for January, February and June to November, Guest Fees will be P800/adult and P300/child 4-12 years old. 2.) Peak Season for all weekend of January, February and June to November, all weekdays of summer (March-May) and December  including all holidays of the year, Guest Fees will be P1,200/adult and P300/child 4-12 years old. 3.) High Season are all weekends of summer (March-May) and December, Guest fees will be P1,300/adult and P500/child.

Kids 3 years old and below do not need to pay the guest fee. So if you are to go to Pico de Loro today, January 19, 2017, Thursday, you only need to pay P800/adult. While the guest fee in Pico de Loro seems to be expensive, it is actually good for the duration of your stay there, so if you would be going on a long vacation this may actually be to your advantage.

Anvaya Cove has a standard guest fee for the whole year and right now it is at P600/head with a consumable amount of P300 and this is paid daily.

Punta Fuego like Anvaya Cove charges their guest fee on a per day basis, it is P1,000/head with a consumable amount of P850 which you can use for food and drinks in Club Punta Fuego and all activities in the club.

There you have it, I hope this blog helps you decide and budget your summer vacation. Book your vacation today with MyPropertyGuyPh. Visit our facebook https://www.facebook.com/mypropertyguyph/ or call 0939-933-4318 for inqiries.


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