6 Romantic Beach Moment Ideas

Love is already in the air as the love month is just a week from now. We spoke with some people regarding their best beach moments with their special someone to come up with 6 romantic beach moment ideas.


1. Watch the sunset – “One of the most romantic and beautiful thing you’ll see at the beach is the sunset. Walk down the beach holding hands and catch the sunset with the love of your life. Give in to the moment as it is an experience that the two of you will treasure for years to come.” – Nikki, 29, Quezon City

2. Wine and Dine – “Pack a romantic dinner and find a secluded spot at the beach, have a nice romantic dinner, then reminisce about why you fell in love. To complete the romantic night, write a note about your love for each other and tuck it in the empty bottle of wine then send it out to sea.” – Ian, 36, Paranaque


3. Bonfire Cuddle – “Cuddling in the cool breeze in front of a bonfire can surely heat up the moment.” – Jay, 33, Paranaque

4. Star gazing – “If you know anything about constellations then you can pinpoint them or better yet match each star with a reason why you love each other.” – David, 27, Manila



5. Dance the night away – “Use the natural rhythm of the waves as your music and slow dance with your partner on the water’s edge. The experience awakens your senses and stimulates sensuality: the sound of the waves, the feel of the sand and water on your bare feet, the salty smell in the air, the view of the sunset over the water, and the taste of your partner’s lips.” – Tarah, 22, Makati

6. Lock and Love- “Needless to say, this is the season for love! The idea has to do with the fact that a busy life back home may not allow you both to indulge in physical pleasure.” – Mike, 41, Quezon City
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