Pico de Loro Country Club Facilities and Rate

Is it your first time to have a vacation at Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club? Are you clueless about the facilities available and their rates? Here’s a guide on what’s in the country club!


Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club is a resort located at Nasugbu, Batangas. Just 90 minutes away from Manila (via Ternate-Nasugbu), this luxurious resort has been one of the go to places in Batangas today. Pico de Loro is the first cove to be developed among the 13 coves  in Hamilo Coast.

So what is inside the Country Club?


Swimming pools – Pico de Loro has 8 swimming pools and 6 of them are in the country club. Rate: FREE (included in guest fee)


Bowling – Hit those strikes and experience a great bonding moment with your family and friends.

Rate: 160/pax/game || Members Rate: 100/pax/game

Shoe Rental: 50/pair


Billiards – Rack ém up and play straight pool, 9-ball or 8-ball.

Rate: 175/hr || Member’s Rate: 120/hr


Basketball – Shoot some hoops and play 5 on 5 on a full court or 3 on 3 on a half court.

Rate: Full Court 800/hour; Half Court 600/hour

Member’s Rate: Full Court 600/hr; Half Court 400/hr


Badminton and Tennis – Play singles or doubles and smash your way through these court!

Badminton Rate: 200/hr/court || Member’s Rate: 150/hr/court

Racket Rental 100/hr; Shuttle Cock 80/pc; Trainer’s Fee 200/hr


Tennis Rate: 150/hr || Member’s Rate: 120/hr

Racket Rental: 100/hr; Tennis Balls: 500/tube; Lights Fee: 100/hr; Trainer’s Fee 350/hr; Ball Person: 80/person  


Music Room – Have a blast singing along with your friends and family

Rate: 1000/hr/room for 4 pax; 1500/hr/room for 6 pax || Member’s Rate: 800/hr/room for 4 pax; 1200/hr/room for 6 pax

50% Food and Beverage Consumable


Club Pico – Kids will surely love playing in this gigantic play area in Pico de Loro country club.

Rate: 250/half-day; 450/day || Member’s rate: 200/half-day; 350/day

Club Pico.JPG

other facilities:

Gym – Rate 120/pax || Mermber’s rate: FREE

Wii Sports – Rate 160/head/hr || Member’s rate: 120/head/hr

Squash – Rate 180/hr || Member’s rate: 150/hr

Aside from there recreational facilities there are also other facilities in the country club like functions rooms, a convenience store and restaurant. Free WIFI is also available here.

We hope this helps you get an idea of what’s in Pico de Loro Country Club, we’ll check out what’s in the Beach Club next time.





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