Pico de Loro Country Club Facilities and Rate

Is it your first time to have a vacation at Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club? Are you clueless about the facilities available and their rates? Here’s a guide on what’s in the country club!


Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club is a resort located at Nasugbu, Batangas. Just 90 minutes away from Manila (via Ternate-Nasugbu), this luxurious resort has been one of the go to places in Batangas today. Pico de Loro is the first cove to be developed among the 13 coves  in Hamilo Coast.

So what is inside the Country Club?


Swimming pools – Pico de Loro has 8 swimming pools and 6 of them are in the country club. Rate: FREE (included in guest fee)


Bowling – Hit those strikes and experience a great bonding moment with your family and friends.

Rate: 160/pax/game || Members Rate: 100/pax/game

Shoe Rental: 50/pair


Billiards – Rack ém up and play straight pool, 9-ball or 8-ball.

Rate: 175/hr || Member’s Rate: 120/hr


Basketball – Shoot some hoops and play 5 on 5 on a full court or 3 on 3 on a half court.

Rate: Full Court 800/hour; Half Court 600/hour

Member’s Rate: Full Court 600/hr; Half Court 400/hr


Badminton and Tennis – Play singles or doubles and smash your way through these court!

Badminton Rate: 200/hr/court || Member’s Rate: 150/hr/court

Racket Rental 100/hr; Shuttle Cock 80/pc; Trainer’s Fee 200/hr


Tennis Rate: 150/hr || Member’s Rate: 120/hr

Racket Rental: 100/hr; Tennis Balls: 500/tube; Lights Fee: 100/hr; Trainer’s Fee 350/hr; Ball Person: 80/person  


Music Room – Have a blast singing along with your friends and family

Rate: 1000/hr/room for 4 pax; 1500/hr/room for 6 pax || Member’s Rate: 800/hr/room for 4 pax; 1200/hr/room for 6 pax

50% Food and Beverage Consumable


Club Pico – Kids will surely love playing in this gigantic play area in Pico de Loro country club.

Rate: 250/half-day; 450/day || Member’s rate: 200/half-day; 350/day

Club Pico.JPG

other facilities:

Gym – Rate 120/pax || Mermber’s rate: FREE

Wii Sports – Rate 160/head/hr || Member’s rate: 120/head/hr

Squash – Rate 180/hr || Member’s rate: 150/hr

Aside from there recreational facilities there are also other facilities in the country club like functions rooms, a convenience store and restaurant. Free WIFI is also available here.

We hope this helps you get an idea of what’s in Pico de Loro Country Club, we’ll check out what’s in the Beach Club next time.





6 Romantic Beach Moment Ideas

Love is already in the air as the love month is just a week from now. We spoke with some people regarding their best beach moments with their special someone to come up with 6 romantic beach moment ideas.


1. Watch the sunset – “One of the most romantic and beautiful thing you’ll see at the beach is the sunset. Walk down the beach holding hands and catch the sunset with the love of your life. Give in to the moment as it is an experience that the two of you will treasure for years to come.” – Nikki, 29, Quezon City

2. Wine and Dine – “Pack a romantic dinner and find a secluded spot at the beach, have a nice romantic dinner, then reminisce about why you fell in love. To complete the romantic night, write a note about your love for each other and tuck it in the empty bottle of wine then send it out to sea.” – Ian, 36, Paranaque


3. Bonfire Cuddle – “Cuddling in the cool breeze in front of a bonfire can surely heat up the moment.” – Jay, 33, Paranaque

4. Star gazing – “If you know anything about constellations then you can pinpoint them or better yet match each star with a reason why you love each other.” – David, 27, Manila



5. Dance the night away – “Use the natural rhythm of the waves as your music and slow dance with your partner on the water’s edge. The experience awakens your senses and stimulates sensuality: the sound of the waves, the feel of the sand and water on your bare feet, the salty smell in the air, the view of the sunset over the water, and the taste of your partner’s lips.” – Tarah, 22, Makati

6. Lock and Love- “Needless to say, this is the season for love! The idea has to do with the fact that a busy life back home may not allow you both to indulge in physical pleasure.” – Mike, 41, Quezon City
Feb Promo.jpg
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Top Activities to do at Pico de Loro Beach and Country Club

If it is your first time to visit Pico de Loro at Hamilo Coast, you’ll soon find out that a weekend is not enough to enjoy all the activities that you can do there. Here are some of the wonderful activities that you and your family and friends can take part of at Hamilo Coast.

Cove Tour – Pico de Loro is just one of 13 coves in Hamilo Coast, you can take a boat ride and see the other 12 coves. Here are some details about the other coves that you may see.


  • SANTELMO: This is the cove to the right of Pico de Loro, also known as little Boracay to the locals because of its fine white sand comparable to the one in Boracay. This little cove can actually be a venue for small events that you can arrange through the Pico Sands Hotel banquets.
  •  LIMBONES & NEELA: These coves are believed to be sites of a sunken Japanese warship and Spanish galleons


  • BUCANITA: This cove has a tunnel where the boat can go through while you are awed by the scenic view.

Playroom for kids – If it’s too hot outside for a swim you can bring the kids in the Pico Club. This play area is a wonderland for kids ages 3-7 years old. My daughter’s personal favorite is the kiddie zip line.


Bowling and Billiards – For the kids older than 7 years old, just right across the playground is the bowling lanes and billiard hall. Great indoor activity for bonding and fun.


Relaxing Massage – Pico Sands Hotel has a spa, called the Rain Spa. You can have a massage indoors at the hotel or outdoor by the beach club.

Eat, Eat and Eat! – If you are renting a condo, you may cook in the unit or dine in 4 restaurants in Pico de Loro. 1st is the Lagoa Restaurant at the Country Club, they usually serve ala carte on weekdays and buffet during the weekends and breakfast with unlimited bacon on the spread. 2nd is the Pico restaurant in the hotel, a must try in this restaurant is the bulalo. 3rd is the Sun Coral Cafe, if you are a member or accompanied by a member, you may dine in this restaurant located at the beach club which serves Mediterranean inspired dishes. And lastly the Reef bar by the beach serves light beach comfort food like burgers, sandwiches and drinks.


Water activities – Pico de loro is a great spot for snorkeling since it is a marine reserve, you may also enjoy other activities like kayaking, jet ski, banana boat, paddle boat, wind surfing and plain old swimming. The beach at Pico de loro is gently sloping and the waves aren’t too big making it ideal and safe for the kids.


Other indoor activities – aside from the play area, bowling and billiards the country club also has an indoor basketball court, badminton court, video game room, karaoke room, squash court, tennis court, fitness gym and game room for cards and board games.


Swimming! – If those activities didn’t consume most of your weekend then you can still do what you really came here to do, SWIM! The country club has a huge pool which are actually divided in different types, there’s an infinity lap pool, lounge pool, kiddie pool and a Jacuzzi. There’s another pool by the beach club that you can use if you’re a member or accompanied by a member.



Well, there you have it, a weekend of fun and activities for everyone. There is also a church in Pico de Loro where you could say thanks for the wonderful vacation. It was also the site of the view deck before the site was developed and provides you with a great view of the beach and sunset behind the mountains. But don’t take my word for it, book a condo and experience it first hand. Spend a weekend at Pico de Loro! You may book a condo through MyPropertyGuyPh. Call 09399334318.


Pico de Loro, Anvaya and Punta Fuego Guest Fee Comparison

Summer is just around the block and we are receiving plenty of inquiries, one of the most commonly asked question is “How much is the Guest Fee?” and “What is a guest fee?” So for our first blog, here are some information about Guest Fees.

Pico de Loro, Anvaya Cove and Punta Fuego are membership beach resorts. Back then, you wouldn’t be able to get in these resorts unless you’re a member or without a member accompanying you. Nowadays, you can now rent units through MyPropertyGuyPh or other unit owners then we provide an Authorization/Endorsement form. Once you go to the resort you show your endorsement and pay the guest fee upon registration.

The Guest Fee is sometimes also called an access fee, this is a fee paid to grant you access to the facilities in the resort, such as swimming pool, bowling and billiards, basketball courts, restaurants etc. Different clubs charge different guest fees, which may also depend on season. Here are some information about the guest fees in Pico de Loro, Anvaya Cove and Punta Fuego.


Pico de Loro’s Guest Fee is dependent on the season, they have 3 different rates throughout the year. 1.) Lean seasons are all weekdays for January, February and June to November, Guest Fees will be P800/adult and P300/child 4-12 years old. 2.) Peak Season for all weekend of January, February and June to November, all weekdays of summer (March-May) and December  including all holidays of the year, Guest Fees will be P1,200/adult and P300/child 4-12 years old. 3.) High Season are all weekends of summer (March-May) and December, Guest fees will be P1,300/adult and P500/child.

Kids 3 years old and below do not need to pay the guest fee. So if you are to go to Pico de Loro today, January 19, 2017, Thursday, you only need to pay P800/adult. While the guest fee in Pico de Loro seems to be expensive, it is actually good for the duration of your stay there, so if you would be going on a long vacation this may actually be to your advantage.

Anvaya Cove has a standard guest fee for the whole year and right now it is at P600/head with a consumable amount of P300 and this is paid daily.

Punta Fuego like Anvaya Cove charges their guest fee on a per day basis, it is P1,000/head with a consumable amount of P850 which you can use for food and drinks in Club Punta Fuego and all activities in the club.

There you have it, I hope this blog helps you decide and budget your summer vacation. Book your vacation today with MyPropertyGuyPh. Visit our facebook https://www.facebook.com/mypropertyguyph/ or call 0939-933-4318 for inqiries.